Work: Food for Soul

Natalia Costa
5 min readAug 12, 2021

Loving what you do or doing what you love?

Pic by Razvan Chisu

Did you ever have one of those existencial crisis where you ask yourself: what the hell am I (supposed) to do?

Four years ago, unsatisfied with a promising — but unfulfilling — engineering career, I quit my job to seek doing what I love. It was a hard decision, leaving behind a stable abundant income in a socially secure country to go look for rainbows. But somehow the anguish of the unknown became less painful than the daily life I was leading.

What Do You Do?

But what was it that I love doing? And how come this question is such a big issue for human beings?

Well, our profession sort of defines us. The words «what do you do?» are inevitable any time you meet someone. And when you think of a person in your social network the occupation immediately pops into your head.

The single most mentioned characteristic about myself by whomever I came in contact with was that I was an inspiring communicator. I never really saw that as a competence as it just came so naturally to me.

So I started to wonder: why not use this “gift” to earn a living? How can I make a career out of this natural talent? Isn’t this just a social skill? And where does the need to turn something you’re naturally good at into a profitable useful activity come from?

Rush to Get the Money

We live in success driven cultures where the members are overly focused in achieving, getting, attaining, earning rather than enjoying. Have you noticed how there is always a rush to get somewhere and to strike out one more task of a to-do list?

Our overall approach to work and life is based on achieving. The number of hours we work fill up our time often with sterile tasks. Being busy doesn’t mean we are effective. In fact, evidence points to the contrary.

No wonder that work becomes a heavy burden that no one really wants to take. Too many hours drain our energy and don’t let us have the time to actually enjoy the process of being human.

Seeing work as sacrifice — rather than an enjoyable activity — was imposed by the stress of a fast paced lifestyle where we constantly feel we need to be where we…



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