Why there aren’t More Women in Tech

Natalia Costa
8 min readMar 8, 2023
Pic by Deborah Ferrari Style.

When I first arrived in Norway, I was happy to work at a place where each person was treated equally, regardless of gender, race, or age. Sometime later, I realized that the salaries of men were higher than the salaries of women, especially in the tech area.

Since I work in tech myself, my first feeling was frustration. How come even though Scandinavia was the most progressive geographical area in terms of gender equality, it still presented such a disparity? Was it a tech thing, a gender issue, or perhaps both?

Work Environment

In the last century, there was an attempt to equalize everybody and integrate women into the working market. Overall, this was successfully achieved, however, the premise at hand doesn’t serve every individual, because the pre-established model of society was created by men (for men).

If societies demand a daily productive cycle from each citizen, the collective is assuming that each person has a 24-hour rhythm and not considering that half the population has approximately a 28-day cycle. Women bleed monthly.

So, the basis we start with is masculine as it only serves the natural rhythm and emotional needs of one of the genders. Basically, making money, especially in tech and finances is mostly a “boys’ game”. And the way the work setting is



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