What I Learned After Travelling the World

Natalia Costa
6 min readAug 18, 2021

The Journey Within

Four years ago I quit my job and went on a worldwide journey to seek happiness. I spent a couple of years on the road which gave me further insight not only about the world we live in, but about myself and the world I live in.

I went in search of something, but I didn’t know exactly what it was: life’s meaning or my own purpose on Earth or inner peace.

Why Travel?

Travelling has been ingrained by advertisement as the ultimate experience. It has been deeply implanted in our minds as the solution for the fast paced lives we lead.

We are untrained to observe with fresh eyes. We need to get out of our comfort zone, we need something that pinches us, that pushes us, that stimulates us to wake up.

It is easier to get that feeling when we’re constantly on the go, when we expose ourselves to different environments, habits and routines, almost as if we became a different self, because we’re very present in the moment. It’s a lot like a bombastic party where we meet a bunch of people and have a ton of experiences in a very short period of time. And after such intensity, it may be challenging to come back to our “ordinary” lives.

Return Hangover

When I came back it seemed like everything had mostly remained the same while at the same time there was a sensation that things had changed. Life of course goes on and there were a number of friends who got married and had kids.

Even though getting married represents a social change, for those of us who had seen the couples established for a while (some of them already lived together) it wasn’t a big shift. Having children, however, was a whole different story!

Some of the people I was closest with and usually hang out more were now busy running a day to day life where everything was scheduled around the routine of the new member of the family. In most cases, between work and the baby’s demands there was no time (or energy) left for anything (or anyone) else.

As for the ones who were not going though maternity and paternity, since I had been away for a while, I was no longer a priority in their lives. So although I was coming back to…



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