Water Programming in 3 Easy Steps

Natalia Costa
3 min readOct 15, 2019

The Fastest Way to Change Your Life

In this article, the main principles of water consciousness were outlined. It basically displayed the explanation for why words affect human beings. Our race is very sensitive to words, because we are made of water and water molecules respond to intentions and sounds.(1)

So if you want to change your life, you need to change the waters you live in. You need to heal the memory of your cells and install a new program.(2) A program where you are the person you want to be instead of the same old you repeating old patterns, old behaviours, old thoughts.(3) The fastest way to do that is to program the water around you, especially the water that you drink. Wait what? Yes: you read correctly, if you look into the scientific data you will realize that water programming is real and you can do it to yourself. By using the water you ingest to imprint the emotions you want to experience, you are literally changing yourself.

So how can you do that?

Here’s three ways to program water:

1 — Program the water that you drink. In this video Life Coach Clarissa Hoffmann from Superpower Coaching explains the technique. You can also take a look at Teal Swan’s video (minute 17:37) on the topic. Basically every time you drink water place all your love and high vibe intentions in the water that you drink. As you nourish yourself with that water, over time, those atoms will become you, meaning you will become more loving towards yourself or more filled with the intention you’ve imprinted in your water. It really is a case for saying, be careful what you wish for, or to be more precise, be careful with the intention you nourish, for with this technique, you will become it.

2 — Singing in the shower was and is a very common activity. This comes as no surprise if we consider that singing is one of the most powerful ways to release tension and water around us picks up on our vibration. Meaning if you repeat powerful words in the shower or if you put yourself in a state of joyful flow as singing instigates, you will be carrying that vibration into the water around you. In this case, the water that you’re literally bathing yourself in will be filled with joy and it will be like taking a high vibes shower.



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