Success: Why are Millennials so miserable?

Or why time is the new paradigm of success

1 — The eternal pursue of goals and achievements

Millennials grew up with standards of achievement as the opportunities arose like never before. People had the chance to study, “be someone” and access to higher degrees of education, something unprecedented before. From a very young age, we were told this was our chance to do it, because our progenitors wanted to give us the chances that they themselves did not have. We were told that pursuing higher education degrees would open doors for us and, even though that was well intentioned, higher education degrees did not mean we would be happy or happier than before. Those degrees did not mean we would be doing what we love or feeling valued for our service to the community. But that’s how the story goes: we study, we get a degree, we get married, we have children, just so that history can repeat itself! Pausing the loop and taking a deep look into this, may actually be the best thing we can do, not only for ourselves, but for future generations as well. Perhaps education needs a new set of frames. Perhaps we need to rethink what is prioritized at school and at home and also look into our definition of success, both personal and within societies.

2 — Lack of connection

Millennials grew up through the technology boost that took over the world. Some of us grew up with cassette tapes, recording that specific song we loved whenever it was played on the radio, from tapes we were amazed when compact discs arrived by selecting any track or easily going back and forth on the song and then we saw the birth of MP3 and the possibility to carry all the songs in the world in the palm of our hand! We also lived the transition between meeting someone up at that specific place and time previously booked live or through a landline into having the possibility to being constantly “connected”.

3 — Nutrition

Last, but not least, even though Mankind has never been so aware of all the things that impact health, it seems like there was an overall misunderstanding when it comes to the subject of food. Let’s clarify the main thing: we are part of a living organism called Earth, we’re connected to our home, the Earth, in an endless intertwine of energetic trade translated through the air we breath or the food we eat.


People need more time to tune into themselves, to cultivate connection, people need time to learn how to breathe with quality, to cook with love, to nourish themselves with pleasure. People need time to savor life, the new definition of success! Millennials were given endless opportunities, but not the most important gift of all: time! Quality time is the single most important investment that a person can make. No wonder so many Millennials are quitting their “successful” jobs to pursue enjoyment, often translated into enjoying quality time. Societies and communities are adapting to this mentality shift and initiatives such as the Degrowth Movement or the Universal Basic Income are popping up!

Energy by design, human by choice — Life on Earth: the art of letting go and enjoying the process —

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