Skin: Human Shelter

Natalia Costa
8 min readAug 23, 2021

The Space Within

Did you ever wish you were in someone else’s shoes?

A big part of my life I dreamt about not being here, not being me. I made the effort to cope with the daily routine and my passion for admiring beauty helped me move forward.

I tried to focus on the spaces around me as an attempt to mitigate that sensation. It could be landscapes and cities (I’ve always loved travelling) or the way I’d create the “right” environment to feel great in the spaces I moved in (office and home).

I’m very fond of de-cluttering and organising. I enjoy having a setting where I feel safe and welcome, with colours that appeal to me. There’s nothing more comforting than opening a drawer or a cabinet and see everything in its proper place. I could say it gives me a sense of order in a chaotic world as if the tidiness of those objects and spaces was an extension of the world within.

“One must completely saturate himself with the things of Caesar before he is hungry for the things of God.” Neville Goddard

Progressively I realised that even though the space around me impacted my energy to some extent, the skin I lived in was the most important space I could de-clutter and organise.

Inside Human Skin

First of all, we’re both physical and spiritual. It’s quantum physics! We could say we’re a spiritual being having a physical experience on Earth as a human.

Secondly, we are all connected! So even though when I look at myself in my own skin I see “me” as separate from another person, we are all unconsciously linked by an energetic “space”.

And thirdly, the human species is part of an interconnectedness whole formed by everything on Earth. Basically the space that constitutes our planet is a living organism.

When we consider things from this perspective we begin to understand that the skin we live in is affected by what the other “bags of skin” feel and it’s also affected by what our living habitat experiences (not just the immediate surroundings, but the overall whole) and our notion of “environment” expands.

“This feeling of being lonely and very temporary visitors in the universe is in flat contradiction to…



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