5 Steps to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Natalia Costa
5 min readSep 17, 2021

We are all faced with negative thoughts during life on Earth as a human being. The worst part is that those thoughts don’t serve us at all and they deplete our vital energy making us feel tired, scattered, sad, upset and anxious.

But how can we actually change these patterns we are so accustomed of practicing? How come our minds constantly run into the negative and how can we break that cycle?

Similarly to a GPS, the brain repeats the same neural pathways as studies in neural medicine report (you may want to take a closer look into the work of people such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton or Dr. Daniel G. Amen to further understand this process). So if we get “programmed” to be addicted into a certain pathway, that’s the “program” that will run our mind.

Of course everybody wants to be happy and feel inner peace, but somehow that same old “program” seems to take control when we are not paying attention. The change has to be gradual and it requires shifts in our behaviours in order to be successful.

Here’s specific things for you to start doing right now to overcome negative thoughts:

1 — Change the Words You Use

The way you speak to yourself matters, so stop being a speech terrorist.

The words you choose affect your molecules, so they ultimately impact who you are. Why is this? Basically because we are made of water and it has been proven by science, especially thanks to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Emoto, that water molecules react to words and emotions. If the words are positive, the impact is positive as the structure of the molecules becomes stronger.

So use positive words, speak optimistically. You can look into the words you use to communicate with others and especially with yourself and choose to be deliberate about them. Observe how you can replace certain words with others with a similar meaning but different connotation and, therefore, a different impact on your cells.

Stop trying to change the outside, change the words you use to express instead. Take a look into Power vs Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins for a complete list of words that will empower you!

2 — Understand Your Programming



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